Bandcamp - Free Publishing Platform for Musicians

A clean and simple music distribution host where musicians can share their music, sell it for a set price, or let fans name their price. Payments are handled directly by Paypal with 100% of revenue going to the musicians. Provides a blog space, choice of high quality and compressed audio formats, streaming audio widgets, Stats analysis and trend tracking, embeddable real-time audio visualizations, search engine optimization. Social networking features are in the pipeline.

Bandcamp Screencast from Ethan Diamond on Vimeo.

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Soulwire - Bandcamp Music Visualisations

Waxy Interview with Bandcamp’s Ethan Diamond - Fun Online Music Remix Application

Allows users to upload and share MP3 files whilst automatically mixing in variable amounts of cowbell and Christopher Walken (voice samples). User creations are shared publicly and media players can be embedded in web pages. Built using The Echo Nest Analyze API , audio analysis tool. “It takes an MP3 as input and generates an XML file which describes the track’s structure and musical content (including rhythm, pitch, and timbre). All information is accurate at the sub-millisecond level.” See