Husk Community Exhibition - Living Water

As part of their Christmas celebrations HUSK the Coffee and Creative Space in Limehouse East London are hosting a community exhibition on the theme of Living Water. Local artists, including myself, have been invited to show works in response to the question: What does water mean to you?

There's a wide range of artworks and styles on display including paintings, illustrations, photographs, and poetry. Plus a thematic installation designed and made by the HUSK creative team and members of the regular art group.

I'm pleased to be contributing the series of photographs and short poem shown below. As a photographer living in London I have long been drawn to the dynamic relationship between nature and the city. Water, light, and life are essential ingredients of any city and my work is a celebration of all three.

The images were taken at wintertime on the canals of Little Venice in Maida Vale, London. A word of thanks to my friend and fellow artist/photographer Peter Lanes who accompanied me on our regular photo shoots that came to be known as the HUSK walks. Together we have embarked on many journeys using the cafe as our meeting place and point of departure, it's fitting and gratifying to share something of these experiences on the walls of HUSK.

Arts Team

Special thanks to Kylie, Lulu, and Kirsty for your continual guidance, support, and inspiration. And to all the dedicated people at HUSK that help to make these projects possible. 

To purchase prints and other products using these images see my collection on Fine Art America


I came into the world
Like a pebble cast into water
My impact made a wave
That warped the mirror of time
Changing heaven's reflection
My presence rippled across the starry skies
To the very edge of eternity
Until everything I had touched
Came to be still again
And heaven looked just like before
True living water doth restore

The free exhibition runs from 22 Nov - 23 Dec 2017 at:

Husk Coffee & Creative Space
649-651 Commercial Road
Limehouse, London E14 7LW

020 7702 8802