Tynt Tracer - Track Content Reuse and Generate Traffic

Tracer is a free online tool that tracks where your website content is reused and inserts an attribution link back to the original published source. It also provides analytics to help you understand and measure user engagement. You simply add a line of java script to your blog or website and whenever someone pastes your work to another webpage, Tracer automatically generates a return link including Creative Commons license details if applicable (full instructions are given). 

The following paragraph has been copied and pasted, showing the automatic attribution link at the bottom of the quote,


What does Tracer do?

Download Information Sheet

Download Information Sheet

Tracer tracks when users copy content from your web site and automatically adds a link back to the original page when your content is pasted. So, why do you need Tracer?

Tracer is a brand new way to:

  • Generate more visits and page views.
  • Get credit when content is copied from your site.
  • Measure and understand user engagement.
  • Improve your search engine ranking.

Read more:http://tracer.tynt.com/features-and-benefits-of-tracer#ixzz0MPL1rqSN
Under Creative Commons License:Attribution No Derivatives


Tracer is easy to implement and offers a convenient way to track user interaction and generate site traffic. Supports Blogger/Blogspot, Ning, Register.com, Typepad, WebsiteWorks.com, WordPress.

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A Mulist Widget for Twitter Trackers

A widgetized list of online tools for tracking Twitter apps, keywords, data, and users. These are mainly services that let you explore and monitor Twitter user details, stats and trends. There are also some resource hubs for general Twitter guidance and niche topics such as music.

Twitter Trackers muList widget

Here's a web page for the full list of Twitter Trackers and another for URL contributions. For more widget resources see my Widget Finder lens.

Embedr - Create Video Playlists and Widgets

Embedr let’s you take your favorite videos from all over the web and make them into a playlist. It’s compatible with most of the top video sites like YouTube, MySpace, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Blip.Tv. (Full list)

The site is clean and simple to use, giving you two ways to build a playlist; Standard Playlist or Smart Playlist. You can add up to 100 videos to a standard playlist and 50 to a smart playlist.

To build a Standard Playlist, videos are added one at a time, simply enter the URL or Embed code from the video’s location, for example a YouTube page.

You can build a Smart Playlist (YouTube only) by searching for keywords or by YouTube Username. The content in smart playlists changes dynamically as new videos are found. Select the number of videos you want to show in the playlist, and sort by Relevance, Published Date, View Count or Rating.

Embedr lets you create multiple playlists. You can easily change the order of videos by dragging them into position. You can also edit various parameters before and after you create a playlist. This is ideal for building a pool of content associated with your user profile.

Once you’ve created a playlist you have a ready made widget that you can customize and embed on webpages. The width of the widget determines it’s height proportionately. It’s simple and very effective, making it a breeze to create and distribute video content in an attractive and functional format.

I built the Guitar Players Spotlight above using a standard playlist from hand-picked sources on YouTube. Here’s my Embedr Profile

Perspctv - Realtime Search Comparisons


Perspctv is a dashboard for comparing and monitoring search queries in realtime. The service also provides data comparison widgets of your search results to put on your webpages. The widget shown here compares today's Google search volume, news and blog mentions for the keywords Google, Microsoft, Yahoo.

For more realtime social media tools see Spypoint