SOPA & PIPA Information Tools

SOPA / PIPA Slideshow and Resource Toolkit
I've created a Slidestaxx presentation for information about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the US. Focusing on the current debate, opposing arguments, security and technical concerns, the package offers a resource toolkit for anyone interested in learning about the issues involved. Featuring content from prominent commentators, online awareness campaigns and a range of Internet protest tools. Links to both Acts are included.

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Copyright Crunch Leads to Pirates Prisons Project

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A radical new project designed to punish and reform illegal downloaders of copyrighted music could prove to be a huge money spinner for tech savvy investors. The Pirates Prisons Project aims to capitalize on the current copyright crunch by building 100s of 1000s of new prisons to house the unlimited supply of illegal internet users. If proposed legislation to criminalise billions of music fans goes ahead, the high probability of re-offending represents a once-in-a-lifetime investment  opportunity to secure real financial gains for PPP shareholders.

The ingenious shares scheme relies on the music industry's desire for economic dominance. However critics of doom and bust policies believe the music industry's strategy of using a failed business model is enevitably doomed to failure (See links below). Only (prison) time will tell.

Prison/Copyright Reform Related

Two articles I wrote in 2006 warning of the impending copyright crunch: