A Mulist Widget for Twitter Trackers

A widgetized list of online tools for tracking Twitter apps, keywords, data, and users. These are mainly services that let you explore and monitor Twitter user details, stats and trends. There are also some resource hubs for general Twitter guidance and niche topics such as music.

Twitter Trackers muList widget

Here's a web page for the full list of Twitter Trackers and another for URL contributions. For more widget resources see my Widget Finder lens.

Charcoal Flowers by Dulceflur

Ambient music artist Dulceflur offers four relaxing and peaceful instrumental compositions blending floating piano melodies with acoustic guitars and mellow pads. Created using Apple Logic 8. Influences: Stars of The Lid, Hammock, johann johannsson and Brian Eno.

Free downloads available via: http://dulceflur.bandcamp.com

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